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XMA Skin Therapy Aust L 163594


The photos of my hands shows that I have suffered from a very dry, red rash for ten months on the palms of hands.

Using XMA Cream has dramatically improved the rash, itchyness & dryness. The skin absorbs the cream very well.

Kay Hauner

This summer 2012/13 is the first time in over 8 years I have bought and worn dresses and skirts.

Back in April 2012, I meet up with XMA's MD Helen, at a family wedding and she offered to send me samples of XMA. Over the years I have had numerous people recommend products and they have not worked, including the expensive recommendations of specialists. So it is fair to say I was sceptical when the product arrived.

However the “before and after” shots tell the story loud and clear.

The other key point is that nearly a year later the product is still delivering the outcome of clear legs. I am thrilled with the results and now realise how awful it has been to put up with this skin condition when there was an answer.

I urge you to try it."

Catherine Robertson

Karl has had 3 skin cancers removed from his face by Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Specialist Dr David Francis and has used XMA for tissue repair to lessen the appearance of the scars. The after photo was taken 2 months after one of the procedures and shows how effective XMA can be with cuts and abrasions.


After the stiches were removed Karl would thin the cream out.

10 year old Nick suffered a chemical burn at school and had been treated with cortisone for two weeks with not much of an improvement. His mother thought that XMA would be worth a try and the after photo was taken 10 days later.


Jack applied the XMA cream quite often as he could feel the cream soothing his hands.

Mason was 5 weeks old when Cradle Cap started to take over his head and face. It was increasingly worse every day and only took a week or two to make life unbearable for his parents. The family visited the Doctor every week and when she suggested using baby oil they decided to do an experiment. They used an organic baby oil on one cheek and a combination of baby oil and XMA on the other. The cheek with the combination of oil and XMA improved the most and the after photo was taken one week later.


Every 3 to 4 hours and then moved to twice a day once improvement was happening.

Little 3 year old Ruby lives in Toowoomba and sufferers from a rashy, sore face when the cold, windy weather arrives. XMA helps to calm down the redness and add a protective layer on her sensitive face.


Sweep around in hands and apply lightly over face twice a day.

We see a lot of this ring finger problems and Bethany was lucky enough to have a sachet of XMA at hand and after only two applications her finger was on the improve.


A small amount a couple of times a day and last thing at night.

Thank you for the opportunity to trial XMA Scalp Treatment. I absolutely love it!

The lotion is thin enough to penetrate through to scalp (which I would comb through) without making my hair appear oily and it smells fantastic. The lavender is soothing and calming and brings instant relief. It doesn't mark the bedding in anyway. I have noticed upon waking up my hair is almost flake free with a significant difference in the appearance of my scalp.

Thanks again and best of luck with your excellent product!

Michelle Privitera