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XMA Skin Therapy Aust L 163594


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Gently formulated anti-oxidant cream that may assist in the management of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Helps soothe irritations and may help treatment of minor skin disorders such as wounds, scratches and abrasions.

Contains 14 nut seed and plant extracts + Vitamins A, C, and E.

Helens Skin Therapy Brands
XMA Skin therapy

The iconic XMA Skin Therapy range was made specifically to help ease the misery of people suffering from severe to mild eczema. We offer a wide range of XMA products that are safe for all ages, including babies and the elderly and also delivers effective eczema relief for itchy, red, rashy skin. Our innovative XMA Skin Therapy cream contains a unique combination of 14 - yes that right, 14 nut and seed oils, plant extracts and anti-oxidants to help calm, soothe, moisturise and repair your skin. This is the original formula that Helen made back in 2002 when she worked at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

Aviation Hydration

Aviation Hydration features 16 certified organic ingredients and was selected by Hollywood Swag Bags to go into the rooms, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, of the top 40 nominees and presenters at the Emmys, Golden Globes and Oscars. The bespoke aroma of Aviation Hydration took over a year to design and features a unique oil from the pristine valleys of North eastern Tasmania. Formulated to help Airline passengers, frequent flyers and cabin crew combat the effects of dry skin caused by low humidity.

Rapid Result

Most teenagers will suffer from the symptoms of acne and even some menopausal women in their 50’s will have an episode of adult acne. Rapid Results Spot On Spot Off can help with the blemishes, redness and unsightly scars caused by these episodes. The new Rapid Results Get Up and Go has been formulated for joints and muscles. The menthol/minty liniment is popular with runners, weight lifters and even nurses who are on their feet all day. Soothes stiffness and aching in areas like back, hips, knees and muscles.


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XMA Skin Therapy 190g
Spot on Spot off Foam & Cleansing Bar Bundle
Frequent Flyer Pack
XMA Skin Therapy and Wash Bundle
Spot on Spot off Foam & Spot Stick Bundle
Spot on Spot off with Spot Stick Bundle
XMA Skin Therapy and Hair ‘n Scalp Bundle
XMA Skin Therapy, Goat Soap & Lip Balm Bundle