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XMA Skin Therapy Aust L 163594


Hi Helen

I placed and order on the weekend and it arrived today - thanks for the quick delivery. Both my husband and I used the cream last night and have had immediate relief of our aggravated skin.  I’m looking forward to how the skin improves over a number of days.


Steph Freeman, Northern Territory

Hi Helen,

Just letting you know the regular use of the XMA shampoo and conditioner has all but cleared my scalp eczema/psoriasis which had been persistent and resistant to all previous products including prescription treatments.

Jean Cole, Wimbledon, London

Dear Helen,

As you are aware, both my arms were covered with skin cancerl; the skin also suffered severe damage over the many years. My job when employed, was mainly outdoors, wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts.

I am now retired and have tried many products with little or no improvement. We first me at the Saturday morning markets in the Kelvin Grove Urban Village and I decided to give it a go, taking advantage of your introductory offer of the XMA Skin Therapy Cream.

Improvement was slow and noticeable. I was having skin cancers cut out every fortnight from both arms; I continued to apply the XMA Skin Therapy Cream every day. I noticed that skin cancers and removal was getting fewer and fewer. The time between each operation instead of being days became weeks, then months. Finally, there were no more skin cancers. Then disaster struck - I found out ‘by accident’ that my self-funded retiree pension ‘expired’ and thus applied for a pension from Centrelink. I was granted a pension of $47.60 per fortnight, not enough to feed a dog. Unfortunately, under the circumstances, I could not afford anything including XMA Skin Therapy Cream.

The skin cancers slowly returned, much fewer and smaller with only one bad case. I am anxious to commence XMA SKin Therapy again. (My property has been sold and funds will be available again soon). Please place my order for one tube of XMA Skin Therapy Cream. I cannot explain the disappearance of the skin cancers; however my skin appearance was much improved.

Yours sincerely, David Brownsey, Queensland

Dear Helen

Many thanks for the tubes of XMA that I received today. I look forward to seeing the results. (Requested sample tubes after seeing results on a patient’s skin). Please keep me informed regarding the distribution here in New Zealand. I see many patients that may benefit from your products.

Clare Gunn, Dermatoscopist, Torbay Skin, Auckland

Dear Helen,

Thank you for the opportunity to trial your XMA Scalp Treatment. I Absolutely love it! The lotion is thin enough to penetrate through to the scalp (which I would comb through) without making my hair appear oily and it smells fanstastic. The lavander is soothing and calming and brings instant relief. It doesn’t mark the bleeding in any way and I have noticed waking up and my hair is almost flake free with a significant difference in the appearance of my scalp. One other use I would like to point out is that it is excellent to use with a hair straightening iron! It leaves the hair so smooth and silky with hardly any frizz for days afterward. If you decide to produce I would be a happy customer. Thanks again and best of luck with your excellent product!

Michelle Privitera

Good afternoon Helen,

Here are a few lines about why we like your XMA cream so much.

It has been the best cream that I have come across for eczema in my many years as a Naturopath. My daughter, who is now 19, was born with severe, debilitating eczema and this is the only cream that relieves and settles it down. I have tried everything else previously and I now recommend XMA to everyone - thank you very much Helen.

Pauline Oliver-Snell, Naturopath - Hamilton Vic.