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XMA Skin Therapy Aust L 163594


Reprinted from the Natural Life Review, September 2004 When her sister Wendy was forced to leave nursing because of an Eczema condition, Helen Lock took up the idea of developing a cream without toxic or carcinogenic ingredients to treat her sister’s skin condition. Here’s Helen’s story… “I made up the first batch of XMA Skin Therapy in my kitchen scraping Aloe leaves by hand and distributing it to family and work colleagues at a local hospital. Once they started using XMA Skin Therapy they began to have remarkable improvements in various minor skin conditions/disorders. As the demand for XMA Skin Therapy grew, the need to go ‘retail’ had to be considered as my husband and I were relocating to London. Unprecedented requests from work colleagues and friends at the my work started coming in in case I was never to return to Australia. XMA Skin Rash CreamBecause the demand for the cream was so high we contracted a full-time manufacturer to produce the cream, and distributors to expand the product into retail stores. Eczema Treatment Many people have asked why XMA Skin Therapy has worked for them. I suspect that because we basically eat a low fat or animal fat diet we do not get enough of the right oils to add lustre and suppleness to our skin, hair and nails. XMA Skin Therapy contains 15 natural ingredients including olive oil, lavender, Vitamin A, C, E, Aloe and more So take a deep breath while you are applying Skin Therapy XMA and feel the therapeutic benefits start working inside and out.”