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XMA Skin Therapy Aust L 163594


Eczema sufferers know how difficult it can get to a find a product that can provide more than just short-term relief. To control the pain of dry, itchy dermis, people suffering from eczema turn to prescription creams and steroids, which can be harmful.

XMA products have been specially formulated to significantly provide eczema relief for itchy skin and improve hydration. The range consists of products made using natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals. The products are gentle even on the most sensitive skin and provide lasting improvements.


This is our gentle formulated anti-oxidant cream that may assist in the management of psoriasis, dermatitis symptoms and provides effective eczema relief for itchy skin. Our cream helps soothe irritation and may also help in the treatment of minor disorders such as wounds, scratches and abrasions. Our cream is ideal for babies, children, adults as well as the elderly and is available online in 100g and 200g tubes. Buy now.

Experience the difference with XMA. Get a healthy, eczema free skin today!

Also check out our range of other therapeutic products offered online. You can also buy our products directly from our stockists. Please visit our contact us page for details or call Helen Lock on 0413 676 221 with any enquiries.