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XMA Skin Therapy Aust L 163594


Rapid Results Spot on Spot off cleansing bar and Face wash contain ingredients that will meticulously clean your skin. The gentle soap formulation will remove impurities, minimize pores and leave skin feeling clean and fresh. Our Rapid Results Spot on Spot off herbal blemish treatment cream will reduce blemishes and prevent future breakouts while soothing and calming the surface redness and irritation. The dual action will result in smooth, refined healthy skin.

Rapid Results Get Up and Go muscle and joint liniment and Spray offer fast rapid relief from the aches and pains associated with sore muscles and joints. The high potency oils penetrate the skin helping to warm and repair the inflamed area. Our soothing blend of natural herbal oils will help improve circulation so you don't go to bed in discomfort and wake up ready to bounce out of bed in the morning.