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XMA Skin Therapy Aust L 163594


“During my time working as a Cabin Crew on long haul flights I noticed my skin drying out and losing its moisture. This was due to the extremely dry air that is recycled through the cabin. We work in these conditions for many hours on a long haul flight. My search for a good quality, hydrating moisturiser led me to Aviation Hydration and over a couple of years I had the privilege of using the cream during different stages of development. I applied it daily and noticed a dramatic difference in the rehydration of my skin. In my opinion it is an awesome product with organic ingredients and reasonably priced.”

Rob O’Day – ex Qantas Cabin Crew member.

'It smells delicious.'

Jessica Rowe - from Studio 10

'I've tried this stuff - it works. It really does.'

Ross Greenwood - from 2GB and Today show