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The Ultimate Beauty Routine When Flying

    • Don’t wear make-up. The low humidity in pressurised airplane cabins can make your skin dry out even more when you have make-up on. Use Aviation Hydration regularly and apply your make-up after you land.
    • Don’t snack on salt. Try to avoid adding salt to your meal and don’t eat the salty snacks provided.
    • Avoid alcohol. It is very dehydrating.  Drink  water, and lots of it.  If you are nervous, try watching the movie or reading to take your mind off the flight.
    • Hydrating Mist. Whilst popular opinion says that using a hydrating mist will help stop your skin from drying out – it depends what ingredients are in the mist. If it contains alcohol then you are not doing your skin any favours.  A lightly moisturising, water-based mist will help.  Aviation Hydration water-based mist is coming soon.
    • Eyes wide open. On long haul flights your eyes can become very dry and irritated. Pack a couple of bags of green tea. Use these just before you land (soaked in warm water of course). Place them on your eyes to refresh and reduce puffiness.